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Born with good health? Notice, in your 20s you begin to have some irritations like allergies or headaches. If you were not educated to see these minor problems as symptoms, you might never be able to prevent your health to fall into further decline.

It is important to notice the signals your body gives you. Most of them mean that your body needs serious clean up. If you look at the Health Scale diagram, you will see that it reflects degrees of declining or improving health.

Where Do You Sit on the Health Scale?

Health Scale Diagram ®


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To my valued customers:

Thank you for visiting My Cleansing Program — Ultimate First Step to Healthier You!
On this website I introduce the steps I took to cleanse my body of toxins, food residue, parasites, and candida. Here you will find:

If you wish to receive a copy of my 6-month cleansing routine, which includes the links to the products that I have taken, please sight up here I have designed my cleansing program together with my naturopath. The program worked for me and there is a good chance it might work for you too

This Free Report Reveals
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You may wish to follow all the steps in the order I wrote them. Or, you can start cleansing the areas where there are already significant health problems. Whatever path you choose, this site will help you to find suitable products.

Mary Waltraut
Founder of My Cleansing Program

PS: I am always looking forward to your questions and your testimonials. Please send them to


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